Woman reveals trolls blamed her outfit after she shared shocking video of grocery store sexual harassment

Woman reveals trolls blamed her outfit after she shared shocking video of grocery store sexual harassment

A woman has revealed how online trolls have been blaming her outfit in a shocking video where she was sexually harassed by a man in a grocery store.

In a recent video posted to TikTok, Daisy Delacroix, @daisydelacroix1, shared shared surveillance footage of herself at a grocery store, in order to show how she was assaulted by a stranger.

Throughout the footage, Delacroix noted that while she was walking through the aisles of the store, a man walked up “from behind” and “touched [her] butt,” as he whispered “what’s up baby?” in her ear. The unnamed man could be seen in a pair of dark jeans and a grey hoodie.

When the man approached her, Delacroix turned around and had a shocked look on her face, before walking away from him. The footage also showed her wearing black bike shorts and a white crop top, as she was pushing a red cart through the frozen food aisle.

She went on to share a message to her viewers after this experience, as the text over the video reads: “I was in complete shock. Ladies please be careful of your surroundings, I did not know this man and he tried to play it off.”

As of 29 August, the video has more than 3.3m views, with some TikTok users in the comments questioning Delacroix‘s crop top and shorts, as they claimed that her outfit was the reason why the man came up to her.

“Why are you wearing that at the store?,” one asked.

“Why would you wear that to go grocery shopping?” another asked. “She wants the attention.”

Other people poked fun at her for having an OnlyFans account and claimed that the man could have noticed her from “online”.

However, Delacroix responded to the online trolls, most of whom appeared to be men, and called them “outright disgusting” for trying to tell her what she should or shouldn’t be wearing.

“I’m wearing a crop top and biker shorts, it’s men like you are the problem. And that’s just scary!,” she wrote. “Just because women choose to show skin will never make it okay to ever sexually [assault] women.”

Multiple viewers also agreed with the influencer and criticised some of the trolls in the comments.

“This has NOTHING to do with your outfit. It’s all his own doing. He’s an adult and knows right from wrong. I’m so sorry this happened to you,” one wrote.


I can’t stress this enough to please be aware of your surroundings #womenoftiktok #fypシ

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“How do we ALL not know as adults...HANDS TO YOURSELF!!!!,” another said. “It would solve so many problems if we all lived by that rule. I’m sorry that happened to you.”

A third person said: “I’m so tired of people saying bc what a person is wearing that’s it’s their fault ! No you don’t put your hands on someone!”

In a follow-up video, Delacroix seemingly addressed her outfit at the grocery store. She could also be seen wearing a bikini, while standing in front of a register.

“Learn self control, it’s disgusting how some of you think it’s okay to touch a woman just because she is showing skin,” she concluded.

In another video, responding to one of the comments on her viral clip, she hit back at trolls once again and emphasised that her clothes were “no excuse” for why the man touched her.

“It doesn’t matter what I’m wearing, if I’m wearing tight clothing, that will never give someone an excuse to come up and touch me,” she said. “I don’t need to justify wearing what I was wearing.”

The Independent has contacted Delacroix for comment.