Woman reveals she was replaced within three hours of quitting job: ‘You are always dispensable’

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A woman has warned internet users to prioritise their mental health after she revealed that her corporate job replaced her position less than three hours after she had quit.

Norah Myers – a pilates instructor living in Canada – has gained more than 67k followers on her TikTok page, where she shares wellness tips and pilates exercises. Before becoming a pilates instructor, Norah explained that she used to work overtime at her past corporate job.

She began her viral video by stitching a TikTok from another content creator, who asked: “What’s something you were not prepared for about the corporate world?”

“No matter how much work you do you are always dispensable. Always,” Norah said.

“I stood on my head for a company and went in early every morning, left late and worked weekends,” she explained. “When I decided to leave, they replace me within three hours.”

“You are always dispensable and no job is worth your mental and physical health, ever.”

Norah’s video received 4.3m views, with many TikTok users echoing her sentiment and emphasizing the importance of mental health in the comments section.

“Exactly. No job is ever worth our health, ever. It means everything to us, and nothing to them,” one person commented.


#stitch with @Jenna | Corporate Humor No job is worth your health or sanity. Ever.

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Many people also explained how they’ve had similar experiences to Norah in their own workplace.

“When I left a toxic company that didn’t value my work, they had to hire two people to do my job,” one user shared. “They wouldn’t give me a raise but did that instead.”

Norah replied, “Yep - when I left my last corporate job, I found out they hired two people for my role AND FIRED THEM BOTH WITHIN A MONTH.”

“All that matters at the end of the day is your relationships with family and friends,” she added.