Woman reveals she was placed in same hospital delivery room as her ex-boyfriend and his wife

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Woman reveals she was placed in the same hospital room as her ex-boyfriend and his wife (TikTok / @madi_lane_)
Woman reveals she was placed in the same hospital room as her ex-boyfriend and his wife (TikTok / @madi_lane_)

A woman has amused viewers after revealing that she was placed in the same labour and delivery hospital room as her ex-boyfriend and his wife.

Madison, who goes by the username @madi_lane_ recounted the encounter in a TikTok uploaded last week, in which she revealed that she and her ex were separated only by a curtain.

“When your ex and his wife are in THE SAME labour and delivery room,” Madison wrote in a caption on the video, which sees her wearing a hospital gown and lying in bed as she mouthed the lyrics: “What a time to be alive” from a remix of Doja Cat’s song Cyber Sex.

In the caption, Madison added that the hospital was “too full for L&D” but that “at least we had a curtain”.

The video, which has since been viewed more than 3.3m times, has prompted a range of responses, with many viewers expressing their horror over the chance encounter.

“Nope. That’s so awkward,” one person commented, while another said: “Talk about a reunion lol.”

Someone else claimed they would walk out and give birth in the parking lot rather than deliver their child in that situation, writing: “Oh nooo. I don’t care how far into labour I am, I’m walking out. We will deliver in the parking lot.”


The hospital was too full for L&D at least we had a curtain😂🙌🏻 #fyp

♬ sound ni grace - BENGBENGMARCOS

Others compared the situation to the scene in Friends where Rachel is giving birth in the same hospital room as Chandler’s ex-girlfriend Janice.

“This reminds me of that episode of Friends where Rachel gives birth and Janice is in the same room lmao,” someone else wrote, prompting Madison to add “Yes” along with laughing emojis.

Another person joked: “Oh my god, this makes you Janice then.”

While many viewers were concerned by the potential awkwardness of the encounter, Madison revealed in the comments that the ex-boyfriend in question wasn’t a recent ex, as he was actually her former boyfriend from high school.

“BTW this ex was back in high school, NOT my ex-husband,” she wrote, adding that she created the TikTok because she thought it was “just funny”.

In a follow-up video created in response to a viewer’s request for a “story time,” Madison, who is 25 weeks pregnant, explained that the encounter occurred after she went to the hospital’s labour and delivery ward at the request of her doctor, who was taking “extra precautions” because of her high-risk pregnancy.

However, according to Madison, the hospital has been “completely crazy” and when she arrived, the emergency room was “packed” and labour and delivery was also “packed”.

After Madison and her husband were shown to their room, she recalled how she’d told her partner a story about her previous experience sharing a room at the hospital.

“So it was all great at first and Cody and I got our room, it was great,” she explained. “I literally told him that the last time I was here I had to share a room with someone and it was a horrible experience because she just kept yelling the whole time.”

However, shortly after getting situated, Madison’s said her ex-boyfriend and his wife walked in, and they made eye contact.

“Luckily there was a curtain in between us but it was just so awkward,” she admitted, adding that she felt like she “couldn’t talk” and so she and her partner were whispering instead.

She concluded the video adding that she found the whole situation “pretty ironic and awkward”.

The Independent has contacted Madison for comment.

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