Woman reveals red flags in her date’s apartment, including two pregnancy books: ‘I don’t have words’

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A woman has revealed several “red flags” that she found in the apartment of the man she’s dating, which included two books about pregnancy and a woman’s ring.

In a recent video shared to TikTok, Devin, @discoveringdevin, filmed herself sitting on a bed and putting her thumb down, as the text reads: “Red flags in his apartment.”

She then began by showing four Apple MacBooks, all placed on top of each other, on a desk. “Four laptops…what are you hiding?” Devin wrote in the text over the clip.

Next, she documented what appeared to be a “girl’s ring” on a white shelf. For the final “red flag”, she showed two copies of the popular pregnancy book, What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

“I don’t have words...” she wrote.

As of 22 April, the video has more than 1.1m views, with TikTok users in the comments acknowledging how Devin had previously posted a video last March about “green flags” in the man’s apartment. According to Devin, those green flags included a Nespresso machine with many pods, “thriving” plants, a bed frame, and Aviation American Gin. In the caption, she had written: “Two thumbs up for this guy.”

In her red flags video, she made a reference to the green flags clip, as the caption reads: “Does he still get two thumbs up?”

Many viewers in the comments claimed that there is likely a connection between the man’s red and green flags.

“Now this makes the thriving plants and a selection of coffee pods a red flag,” one person wrote. “There has to be girls’ clothes somewhere in the closet.”

“I think he’s engaged… the green flags make sense now… there’s a woman taking care of those plants,” another person claimed.

A third viewer wrote: “If you came from the green flags this is honestly a shocker.” In response, Devin said: “We were all rooting for you.”

Other TikTok users noted how surprised they were to see the items in the man’s apartment. “The laptops… the ring.. THE BOOKS…… so confused by all of it,” one person wrote.

“The laptops I was like ‘eh so what,’ the ring I was like: ‘you know maybe he just liked the look of that ring,’ but the books… Definitely no,” another comment reads.

Speaking to The Independent, Devin said that she had matched with this man on Bumble and had filmed the red flags video after their third date. She said while she never intended on “hunting down” his red flags, these were things that just “turned up.”

In the comments of her video, Devin has noticed how people have been saying “interesting” things about the the red flags, but no one “solved” the meaning behind them.

“Everyone has their own interpretations of what they deem to be warning signs or red flags, and it’s been interesting seeing what others in the comments have been saying,” she explained. “It’s become this big mystery that everyone is trying to solve and although many people have made some good guesses, not one person has solved it.”

“What do those red flags mean?! Two copies of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and a ring?! It truly doesn’t make any sense…at least from the outside,” she added. “Everyone has a lot of questions and I do plan on answering them all.”

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