Woman reveals her boyfriend uses Google Calendar to schedule their dates: ‘Ultimate green flag’

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A woman has revealed how her boyfriend uses Google Calendar to help schedule their plans together, with many of her viewers touched by the sweet gesture.

In a video posted to TikTok earlier this month, Tayla, @taylarawdah showed her laptop screen open to her Google Calendar. She then briefly documented some of the plans she had for the week, including a few dates with her boyfriend, which he scheduled on the site.

According to her calendar, Tayla and her boyfriend had an event titled “Movie Night,” from 6pm to 11pm on a Sunday night.

They also had an event called “Date Day and Night” from 8am to 11pm on a Saturday. In the description of the date, the TikToker’s partner wrote: “Beautiful day all about the Queen herself…Tayla!”

Tayla acknowledged how nice it is that her boyfriend schedules their dates, as the caption reads: “Love the random notifications and all I have to do is hit yes. #datenights#googlecalendar.”

As of 28 April, the video has more than 508,800 views, with TikTok users in the comments applauding Tayla’s boyfriend’s kindness and his use of the Google Calendar.

“This is the man of my dreams,” one viewer wrote, while another said: “I’ve found it, my ultimate green flag.”

A third user added: “My love language.”

Google’s TikTok account also left a comment saying: “Love this energy!”

Other viewers noted how their partners have also used Calendars to plan dates. “We do this too,” one viewer wrote. “Mostly because our schedules are so wild but it’s honestly so nice to see something planned.”

“My college boyfriend did this. I loved that!” another wrote.

The Independent has reached out to Tayla for comment.

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