Woman reveals boyfriend transformed apartment into TJ Maxx store during lockdown so she could ‘shop’

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A woman has recalled the heartwarming moment that her boyfriend transformed his apartment into a TJ Maxx store during the pandemic so that she could reduce her anxiety by “running errands” and shopping.

Jenna, who goes by the username @jennnnnarose7 on TikTok, shared the steps her boyfriend went to to ease her anxiety in a video posted to the app on Monday, in which she showed the handwritten TJ Maxx sign on his door and the items that he individually priced and placed around his home.

“Thinking about that time during peak Covid [pandemic] when my anxiety was high and I missed running my silly little errands to take my mind off things because the world was shut down so my boyfriend surprised me by turning his apartment into TJ Maxx so I could go ‘shopping,’” Jenna wrote in a text caption in the beginning of the video.

The TikToker then proceeded to share photos and videos she took of the sweet gesture, which included a sign hung on her boyfriend’s front door that read: “TJ Maxx” and the store’s “hours,” as well as a photo of her boyfriend standing at a “cash register” set up with a lanyard and a name tag identifying him as store manager.

According to the TikTok, Jenna’s boyfriend’s preparations went as far as creating a fake credit card reader, which directed her to enter her phone number or “swipe card to continue”.

To further set the scene, the TikToker’s boyfriend set up screens that showed TJ Maxx stores, as well as racks of clothing, while a number of items, such as shoe boxes, were placed throughout his apartment with price tags attached.

Jenna’s boyfriend also included a clearance section, which included a variety of snacks for her to choose from, and signs that labelled a restroom for customers, while another read: “Employees only.”

The mock TJ Maxx shopping experience even included the actual process of checking out the items Jenna had chosen, as the TikTok showed the moment that her boyfriend handed her a TJ Maxx bag filled with her purchases.

The TikTok concluded with a photo of the pair enjoying dinner together after Jenna had successfully completed her shopping errands.

In the caption of the video, which has since been viewed more than 313,000 times, the TikToker added: “He individually priced every single item.”

In the comments, viewers have praised Jenna’s boyfriend for the effort he went to to ease her anxiety, with one person describing the video as the “cutest thing I’ve ever seen”.

“And he looks so happy while doing it?!?! This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, possibly ever,” they wrote.

Another person said: “This is it, this is true love,” while someone else added: “This is one of the most creative and thoughtful things I’ve ever seen!”

The video also prompted a response from TJ Maxx’s official TikTok account, which declared that Jenna’s boyfriend was “a 10”.

“He’s a 10!” the store wrote alongside an applause emoji.

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