Woman refuses to let pregnant guest eat any of her birthday cake

A birthday cake with all the candles lit (Getty Images) (Getty Images)
A birthday cake with all the candles lit (Getty Images) (Getty Images)

A woman has questioned whether she was wrong to refuse a pregnant woman any of her birthday cake.

In a post shared on the Am I the A**hole forum on Reddit, a woman wrote that she celebrated her birthday with a barbeque, alongside her three children and husband as well as his best friend Matt, his pregnant girlfriend Jane, and their three children. She explained that they had gotten close with the family since they lived two houses down.

As the men grilled up more than $90 worth of hotdogs and hamburgers, a surplus of which both the original poster and Matt contributed, the original poster swam with the children in their pond while Jane scrolled on her phone.

However, around 5:30pm, the men called up the children to get their plates and chow down, but the original poster wrote that she and her middle child, nine, weren’t hungry at the time, so they kept swimming. After spending over 40 extra minutes in the pond, they finally got hungry around 6:15pm, when her husband went for a beer run.

By the time they got to the grill, however, the woman said that Matt and Jane were gone as well, and so was the food.

“All the food is gone. Literally everything,” she wrote. “I call my husband and ask him where all the food is and he said that it should be on the grill. I tell him that everything is gone. There was a long pause before he goes ‘Jane asked if she could take some for leftovers but I didn’t think she would take all of it’.”

He then told her that before he left for the store 10 minutes prior, there were at least eight burgers and 10 hotdogs left as well as macaroni salad. Perplexed, she told her husband to call up his friend to see what happened. According to Matt, Jane said she took “a few” things with her that had already been eaten, but her oldest son, 13, said otherwise. The original poster wrote: “He saw Jane walk off our property carrying the entire dish (one of those extra large tin foil BBQ dishes).”

“I’m pissed at this point,” she continued. “Me and my son hadn’t eaten anything.”

Her husband, although also pissed, got them some food from the store instead of confronting Matt about the situation since they work together. However, things come to a head anyway when, 45 minutes later, Jane and her three children showed up at their house asking if they could have some of the original poster’s birthday cake.

“I tell Jane that her kids can but she can’t,” she wrote. “She asks why and I said ‘I’m pretty sure you’ve eaten plenty considering you took off with my entire BBQ dinner before me and my son could eat anything.’”

Jane defended herself saying that the original poster’s husband not only said she could have it but that she was entitled to it because “half of it was hers.” She added that she didn’t know that they hadn’t eaten, despite being next to the grill the entire time and likely not seeing them eat.

“I just shrugged my shoulders and walk away,” the original poster concluded. “She tells her kids to ‘let’s go’ and they leave without cake.”

In the comment section, people wrote that Jane was being rude by not only taking all the food but leaving without saying goodbye to the hostess and then returning as if nothing happened.

“Who leaves a BBQ without saying goodbye to the hostess?” one person wrote. “It was only the two families. That’s rude in its own right.”

“Who leaves a party with all the leftovers and then has the gall to return for more?!” someone else commented.

“If the party is still going on, there aren’t leftovers yet, it’s just food,” another added. “Why would she leave then come back? That’s just weird.”