This Woman Made Her Boyfriend Take A Beyoncé Exam Before They Married

Brittany Wong

Allie Davis’ boyfriend liked it so he put a ring on it ― but first he had to prove that he bows down to Queen Bey.

A few years back, Davis had her boyfriend, Ty Birge, take a Beyoncé exam “to make sure” they could stay together.

While there were some spotty moments ― he guessed that Beyoncé was Allie’s favorite rapper when, in fact, it’s Nicki Minaj (Bey rarely raps) ― he pulled through with a strong 80%!

“We were hanging out with our group of friends when I gave it to him and he laughed and rolled his eyes,” Allie told HuffPost. “His friends thought it was hilarious.” 

Ty was even able to give a passable play-by-play of the Solange Met Gala elevator incident, even if he didn’t complete the answer. Pretty good for a guy who has “zero interest in Beyoncé,” according to Allie.

Looks like all of Ty’s hard work and respectable grade on that exam paid off. On Oct. 5, the Chicago-based couple got married! 

The happy bride and groom on their wedding day earlier this month.

“Getting married was fun but dancing to a million Beyoncé songs at the reception was even more fun,” Allie joked on Twitter after the wedding. 

Indeed, there were so many Beyoncé songs played. 

“I wanted the wedding to be about us as a couple but have Beyoncé influences,” Allie said. “I created video interludes about our relationship throughout the night inspired by Beyoncé’s concerts.”

The pair dance, no doubt, to Beyoncé.

The groom walked down the aisle to “Halo,” while Allie walked down to “Ave Maria” sung by Ty’s cousin. At the reception, the wedding party was introduced to the strains of “Crazy In Love.”

The bridal party entered the reception to the

It wasn’t just the music that was Bey themed.

“My mom made candles for all of the guests with beehives on them (for Beyhive),” Allie said. “[Coincidentally] enough, my new last name starts with B so there were Bs everywhere, which was hilarious.”

Allie's mom made Beyoncé-inspired candles for guests. 

The Bey bridal festivities began long before the wedding, though. Allie and her bridesmaid went to Las Vegas for her bachelorette party and donned swimsuits with Beyoncé lyrics.

Allie and her bridesmaids in their Bey swimsuits. 

Now that Allie and Ty are married, we wondered: Has Ty become more of a Bey fan? Not really, Allie told us, but she still keeps him in the loop about Beyhive news.

“My husband has basically zero interest in Beyoncé but has learned way more than he probably cares to know about her,” she said. “He says he really respects her work ethic and drive, though.” (Clearly, he’s seen the Beychella Netflix doc.)

Just a Beyoncé fan and her man.

Here’s hoping this Beyoncé stan and her man stay crazy in love forever.