Woman gets 'third boob' removed by Dr. Pimple Popper

On TLC’s Dr. Pimple Popper, Angelina paid a visit to YouTube’s favorite pimple popper, Dr. Sandra Lee, to get a large lipoma growth on her abdomen checked out. Lee joked that it looked like a third boob, but the joking didn’t last long.

A lipoma is a growth of fatty tissue that develops under the skin and is generally not a threat to a person’s health. But Lee felt something hard that moved around in the growth and was afraid there might be something bad going on, so she decided to remove the growth immediately.

The removal process is not for those with weak stomachs. Oddly enough, it’s especially bad for chicken lovers. After removing the large lump of fat, Lee points out — correctly — that it looks like chicken. When Angelina saw the lump, she agreed.

“It looks like boneless chicken,” Angelina said. “I don’t think I can ever look at chicken again the same.”

As for the hard spot that worried Lee, she believed it to just be scar tissue and planned to send it off for testing.

Dr. Pimple Popper airs on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. on TLC.

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