Woman, 44, says she’s fitter now than in her 20s thanks to 7.5st weight loss

Jeanette Painting before and after her 7st weight loss. (SWNS)
Jeanette Painting saw a 7st weight loss after following one diet plan. (SWNS)

A mother-of-two says she’s in the “best shape ever” following an astonishing 7.5st weight loss.

Jeanette Painting, 44, felt "stuck in a rut" after struggling to lose her baby weight after the birth of her two children, Taion, 12, and Tarlia, nine.

At one stage she weighed 19st 13lbs and wore a size 24, but she says her last straw came when she was on holiday with her children and she didn’t want to go out as she felt too self-conscious of her size.

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“I had back issues from gaining weight. That holiday I really struggled,” she admits. “Along with my anxiety and depression, the weight made me feel worse. I hated looking in the mirror.

“My back was playing up so much, I never wanted to go out. I didn't want to be doing anything with the children – I was physically exhausted. I knew that when I got back I would be going on a diet.”

Painting signed up for the 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan which sees its users consume smoothies for a certain period before moving onto high-protein meals.

Jeanette Painting after her 7st weight loss. (SWNS)
Jeanette Painting now feels 'fitter and healthier' thanks to her 7st weight loss. (SWNS)

After following the plan, Painting lost 7.5st (48kg) in eight months, and her 12st 6lb frame (80kg) now fits into size 12 clothing.

“I can now enjoy time with my children,” the mum-of-two from Gloucester says. “I definitely go on more days out with my children, I will take them on days away whereas before I wouldn't.

“I have learned to live with myself. I am in the best shape now than I can remember, even in my 20s – I am in the best shape I have ever been.”

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Painting says losing weight has improved her back pain and she started to feel “instantly better” when the pounds started to come off.

“Being on the diet plan gave me something to focus on every day. The ease of the diet was exactly what I needed,” she adds.

“I didn’t need to overthink anything, no shopping or calorie counting, I just needed to enjoy my products – I couldn’t go wrong.”

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Before losing the weight, Painting says her diet would consist of cookies, meal deals, burgers, crisps, fizzy pop and biscuits. Now she eats porridge for breakfast, turkey and scrambled egg for lunch, a chicken salad for dinner and a protein bar as a snack.

“I have a new-found energy which I use to take my kids on days out and to play with them,” she continues.

“I have so much motivation to continue improving my health, something I never would have done before losing weight.”

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