Woman encourages others to raise their standards after sharing all the things her fiancé does to make her happy

Woman encourages others to raise their standards after sharing all the things her fiancé does to make her happy

A woman has inspired others to find partners who exceed their standards and expectations after describing all the things her fiancé does to make her happy.

Rose, 22, who goes by the username @rosesmaddox on TikTok, recently shared the ways that her future husband prioritises her in a video shared to the app in November, after another user asked women to share the moment they realised they were expecting too little.

“What is something a man has done for you that made you realise you’ve been accepting and expecting way too little from men?” user @ayandastood recently asked.

In response to the video, Rose revealed the numerous ways her fiancé Drake, 23, who she has been with since she was 15, makes sure she feels loved, which include supporting her career and bringing her flowers and gifts if she’s had a bad day.

“I’ve been with my fiancé since I was 15. I’m 22 now and we got engaged in May,” Rose began the video. “Here are some of the things he does that made me want to marry him.”

According to Rose, the one instance where she realised her partner was the one was when he traded cars with her just so that she could listen to music and have air conditioning on her commute to work.

“I used to drive an old Hyundai Sante Fe with no heating, no air, and no music and he would let me drive his car to work and he would take mine to his work so I could listen to music and have air conditioning since my drive was two minutes longer,” she revealed.


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Drake also considers his fiancée when the pair are dining in a restaurant, as Rose told viewers that her longterm love will ask her what her “top two choices are of entrees” and then order whichever one she doesn’t order so that he can trade if Rose doesn’t like her meal.

“If I tell him I’m having a bad day, he comes home from work with either flowers, ingredients for him to make me a meal, or some sort of gift,” she continued. “Right now, he works nine to five and I’m finishing up my last year of college so I’m bearing a lot of the house work. But, anytime he comes home and he sees that I’ve cleaned something, he points to it and says: ‘Thank you for doing that.’”

Rose, who teaches spin classes, also revealed that Drake is supportive of her career, and that “for about a year, he was the only guy at any of my spin classes”.

“He would show up every single time so that when I looked into the bikes I would have someone I could make eye contact with and feel more confident in my teaching,” she revealed.

After adding that she never has to worry about Drake getting jealous or complaining when she wants to go out, despite not liking to drink himself, Rose continued: “We’ve been dating since I was 15, so I set these expectations when I was young of the way I wanted to be treated and he has always met and exceeded them.”

The TikToker concluded the clip reminding viewers that their standards are not “too high,” they are just “looking in the wrong places”.

“There are people out there that want to meet and exceed that standard and love you in a way that you could never have imagined,” she said, adding in the caption that Drake is “the epitome of a dream man”.

The TikTok, which has been viewed more than 11.9m times, has prompted an outpouring of comments from viewers praising the couple as goals and expressing their shock that relationships such as theirs do exist.

“When you said the restaurant thing I gasped,” one viewer wrote, while another said: “I audibly gasped at the thank you for doing that. Never realised how much I would appreciate that until you said it. Omg.”

Someone else commented: “Aww that type of love must feel amazing.”

The video also sparked humorous comments from viewers, including from one woman who joked that she would have to end her own relationship in light of the TikTok.

“Ugh now I have to leave my six-year relationship. Thanks,” she wrote.

In a follow-up video Rose created in response to a viewer who asked for a “reveal,” the TikToker shared a series of photos of the couple from when they were teenagers until now.


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“Not only is he the most caring, kind, awesome, amazing, hot person, he’s also an engineer, so he’s super smart and I love that,” Rose said of her future husband’s attributes.

While speaking to BuzzFeed, Rose said that she was inspired to make the video after “about 100 examples of the kindness Drake shows me entered my mind” when she watched the initial prompt - and to “brag” about her love.

“I wanted to share (and honestly brag) about my other half being a light to this world, and that everyone should be with someone who makes them feel so proud to be their significant other,” she added.

As for his thoughts on his portrayal in the viral video, Drake told BuzzFeed that he thinks the couple’s relationship works so well because “we have a really good friendship”.

He also said that the examples Rose gave are actions that he does in an effort to reciprocate “the amazing things she does for me”.

The Independent has contacted Rose for comment.

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