Woman eats diet of mainly raw meat and offal

India Castley, 19, gave up fruit and veg for a diet full of mainly raw meat and offal, claiming she has 'never felt better'.

Video transcript

INDIA CASTLEY: Today, I want to show you what a carnivore eats for breakfast. So I've got my steak, of course. And then, I've got my egg juice.

Egg shake. Excellent eggy, eggy, egg. Egg. So, we're just going to drink this.

And now, we have got the steak. This is grass-fed from the butcher's, by the way. I've already been-- I've been jumping on this [BLEEP] because I was hungry. And then, I thought, you know what? Someone commented going, what do you eat on a regular basis? And now, I thought-- actually, when I have a breakfast.