Woman discovers 21 authentic Tiffany & Co. boxes while cleaning out in-laws’ basement

A woman discovered 21 boxes from Tiffany & Co. while cleaning out her in-laws’ basement!

A TikToker who goes by @somedayhappened was cleaning out her in-laws’ basement with her sister-in-law when the duo stumbled upon something unexpected and amazing: a stockpile of boxes from Tiffany & Co.

After stacking up and counting all of the boxes the TikToker revealed that she had found 21 boxes in total! In a viral video, the TikToker shared the story of unexpectedly discovering the hidden treasure.

The video begins with a photograph of 21 blue boxes from Tiffany & Co. stacked on top of each other. The boxes come in a variety of different sizes and some look slightly more worn than others, but all of them are wrapped in the same bright red ribbon.

“While cleaning out my in-laws’ basement, we found 21 Tiffany & Co. blue boxes!” the TikToker explains in a caption.

Then, the video cuts to a shot of the TikToker stumbling upon the boxes. She is down in her in-laws’ basement where there are shelves stacked with brown cardboard boxes. The boxes are labeled in permanent marker. One reads, “Weights,” while another reads “Brian’s school stuff.” Several boxes, meanwhile, mysteriously read, “Tiffany’s.”

The TikToker pulls out one box and opens it to reveal a blue box wrapped in red ribbon. A weathered label on the box reads “Tiffany & Co.”

“My sister-in-law and I were surprised to find these in the basement,” the TikToker writes. “Would you like to see what’s inside them?”

Viewers were amazed by the video and begged the TikToker to reveal what was inside the boxes.

“Someone bring me back when we know what’s inside!” one viewer begged.

“Definitely want to see what’s in the boxes,” another viewer concurred.

“Backstory? How long have they been here? What’s in them? Who were they for?” asked another TikToker.

In a series of follow-up-videos, the TikToker went on to share the contents of the boxes. They contained a variety of beautiful Tiffany & Co. home goods, including vases and dinnerware.

In one video, the TikToker revealed that her mother-in-law received the items as gifts from the company she worked for, but felt the Tiffany treasures were “too precious to be used.”

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