Woman delivers her own baby in hotel room with the help of YouTube

Ciara Sheppard
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Tia Freeman with her newborn baby and someone looking to take a photo with them [Photo: Twitter/TheWittleDemon]
Tia Freeman with her newborn baby and someone looking to take a photo with them [Photo: Twitter/TheWittleDemon]

Every so often Twitter will produce a first-person thread so hilarious, awe-inspiring or shocking that it’ll go viral.

One such thread is the tale of Tia Williams and her incredible childbirth story, which she decided to share with her followers – even before she shared it with her own mother.

Tia explains that it all started when she found out she was pregnant in her third trimester. The 22-year-old didn’t know she was pregnant as her contraception already stopped her periods, so a late one wasn’t an indicator. On top of that, she didn’t gain any weight.

My dumbass was like maybe it’ll just go away…” she said, explaining she was in total denial about the whole thing.

And that’s where he story starts, as told via magnificent GIFs…

Visiting a friend in Istanbul, Tia boarded her flight before suspecting she had come down with food poisoning when stomach cramps ensued.

Brushing off the pain, Tia soon arrived in the country and headed to her hotel room which is when she realised it was serious…

Realising she was in labour and would have to deliver her own baby, Tia consulted the World Wide Web for advice…

After a quick browse on YouTube, she knew it was time to start the delivery.

Preparing the bath in her hotel for a water birth, Tia clenched her teeth around a towel as she battled contractions.

Then it was time to push…

After the delivery, Tia still had to birth the placenta.

The next step was cutting the umbilical cord. She didn’t have any clamps in her hotel room so she decided to sterilise some shoe laces on a hot kettle, tied up the cord and cut it with a knife.


Instead of going to hospital, Tia slept in overnight at her hotel with her baby and headed to the airport the next day.

But when she arrived, the staff were (natch) confused…

When they finally discovered Tia wasn’t a human trafficker after calling the US Embassy, she was met by tons of press interested in her story.

She was even thanked by Turkish Airlines with a rather handsome gift…

Arriving home, Tia still refrained from telling her mum about the whole thing until Wednesday when she shared the story with her Twitter followers.

If that’s not a badass baby delivery story, we don’t know what is.

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