Woman ‘on the cusp’ reveals the ‘dead giveaway’ to distinguish Gen Zers from Millennials: ‘just analyze how they pose in photos’

From millennials testing their Gen Z coworker’s knowledge of music from the early 2000s to a hairstylist’s comparison of popular haircuts requested by a millennial versus Gen Z client, the divide between both generations tends to make for some intriguing content online.

But what’s an additional way to differentiate between a Gen Zer or a millennial? According to one creator, who was born “on the cusp” of both generations in 1997, analyzing how they pose is a practically “foolproof” distinguisher.

On Sept. 8, Jenna Palek (@jennapalek), a 25-year-old creator in Austin, Texas, revealed what she believes to be an accurate way to tell if someone is a Gen Zer or millennial. According to Palek, the way they position their bodies when posing for photos is a “dead giveaway.”

“Millennials will give you a slight bend in the knee and to the hip, lean forward a little bit, cock your head to the side. Smile,” Palek demonstrated. “You say ‘fun photo,’ they raise that arm; they open their mouth. ‘Fun photo. Everybody do a fun photo.'”

Gen Zers, on the other hand, take a more demure approach while holding an “imaginary marble.” Their fun photo often involves raising the camera up high and tilting it down for a “fish eye” effect.

“A Gen Zer is going to give you a leg pop,” she explained. “One leg comes forth, you give a little hip tilt, hands to the hips like this or imaginary marble here. This is a little pageant pose that I like to say. They so a soft smile and then a head tilt to the side. Close your eyes.”

KC (@ch1spa8) corroborated Palek’s theory with a video she posted on Sept. 9, with photographic proof of her millennial poses.

“I cant NOT do this,” she wrote alongside the clip. “Ima just own it at this point.”

‘My gen z daughter takes so many fisheye photos!!!’

@wanderingnightingale, a millennial on TikTok, took to Palek’s comment section to mention how surprised she is that they’re both in the same generation despite being 10 years apart: “‘I was born in 1997’ it’ll never stop being funny to me how I’m practically 10 years older yet we’re both considered millennials…”

TikTok user @alxsotoa also replied, “fish eye photo is giving photo with the camera from above, in the bathroom.”

“Gen Z for the normal pose millennial for the fun pose,” @phantomelena suggested, while @mef0412 posited, “I think the millennial pose only pertains to sorority swifties because I have never once posed like that in my life.”

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