Woman claims Tinder match practised golf putting on indoor mat for hours during date: ‘Did you get a turn?’

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Woman claims Tinder date took her to his home to practise his golf (TikTok / @taypole)
Woman claims Tinder date took her to his home to practise his golf (TikTok / @taypole)

A woman has called out her Tinder match after he allegedly brought her to his home on their first date so he could practise his golf skills for hours.

Tay, who goes by the username @taypole on TikTok, described the unconventional date in a video posted this month, in which she showed her disappointed face before switching the camera view to show her date practising putting on an indoor golf mat.

After practising his swings, the video also showed the man using a small handheld vacuum to clean the indoor mat.

“POV [point of view] you match with a guy on Tinder and he brings you home to putt in his living room for three hours,” Tay wrote in a text caption on the video. In the caption, she added: “Tinder ain’t what it used to be,” and included the hashtags #TigerWoods and #Masters2022Champion.

The video has since been viewed more than 80,000 times, with the majority of comments from viewers expressing their amusement over the situation.

“Man knew exactly what he wanted, an audience,” one person joked, while another said: “What a legend honestly.”

Someone else asked: “I mean… did you get a turn?” According to Tay, she “hit a few” and “MADE IT”.

Others were curious about the logistics of the putting mat, with another viewer asking the TikToker whether her date “always has a mini green on his floor” or whether he rolled it out after she came over.

In response, Tay said that the mat was new, and that she is “assuming it will always be on the floor now”. “It’s the new rug,” she added.

The man’s break from putting to vacuum the mat also entertained viewers, with one person writing: “Lmao, the vacuum got me.”

The comments prompted Tay to admit: “I stepped on it with my shoes and he nearly had a heart attack.”

“So you’re saying the date wasn’t up to par?” someone else joked.

In response to another comment from a viewer who asked “what ended up happening,” Tay shared a follow-up video, in which she revealed that she agreed to go out with the man again, and that their second date involved him taking her to an outdoor golf course.

“Date number two: he took me to a chip and putt,” she wrote in the text caption on the video, which showed the man attempting his golf swing.

The video prompted renewed amusement from viewers, with one person writing: “Man’s only personality trait: golf.”

However, others found the man’s date plans endearing. “He clearly loves it, and wants to share it with you! You joining him probably means so much to him! Hopefully he’ll join you on things you love too,” another viewer said.

Tay also clarified that, in addition to loving golf, her Tinder date was “smart, funny, and cute too”.

The Independent has contacted Tay for comment.

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