Woman claims she found false eyelashes in Arby’s takeout: ‘I really want to throw up’

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Woman claims she found false eyelashes in Arby’s takeout: ‘I really want to throw up’

A woman claimed that she found fake eyelashes stuck to an order of fries that she got at Arby’s and people are outraged about it.

In a recent video posted to TikTok, Tiana, @ciera__lee, could be seen sitting in her car and detailing how she just picked up food from the fast food chain, which was near the salon where she had gotten her hair done.

After talking with the woman working at Arby’s drive-thru window and eating her sandwich, Tiana told viewers that she discovered fake eyelashes attached to another one of her food items.

“Arby’s count your f***ing days,” she said. “I eat my whole sandwich, y’all. I take my fries out the bag y’all, I pull my fries out the bag. Somebody’s f***ing lashes are stuck to the side of my fucking fries.”

She went on to note how the eyelashes were not hers and that she looked in her mirror to confirm that one of her eyelashes had not fallen out.

Tiana said she wanted “to throw up” before revealing that she was going back into the restaurant to get refunded.

“I want to fight. I want to fight because y’all didn’t have to do me how y’all did me,” she said. “And I really want to throw up like, I ate my whole f***ing sandwich out this bag

“And now I’m just, run the f***ing refund. But I’m gonna go back up there, so stay tuned,” she concluded.


@Arbys count your fucking daysssss🤢

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In a follow-up video, Tiana said that she went back to Arby’s and asked for a manager who told her that none of the employees “had lashes on”. However, according to Tiana, she said that she “didn’t care” about that and emphasised how eyelashes were still on her food before the manager claimed that she didn’t believe her.

“Why is she trying to explain to me that everybody either got their lashes on or didn’t wear lashes that day? I say ma’am, ‘I don’t care, because literally there are lashes on my fries,’” she said. “Then when I tried to explain to the manager that this s*** was on my fries, she was like, ‘Oh I doubt it, I doubt it.’”

The manager ultimately gave Tiana a refund.

“Anyway, that whole situation ended up with me getting a refund,” she concluded. “And I def called corporate, andI def was compensated for that, because Arby’s, you f***ing played.”

As of 11 July, Tiana’s two videos have more than 298,000 views combined and TikTok users have since expressed how they would have reacted to finding fake eyelashes on their food.

“I WOULD BE SOBBING,”one wrote, while another added, “[not gong lie] I woulda went in there looking for the girl with no lashes.”

Other viewers made jokes about the fact that Tiana went to get food at Arby’s in the first place.

“Why are you even eating there to begin with,” one wrote.

“You lost me when you said you went to Arby’s,” another added.

The Independent has contacted Tiana and Arby’s for comment.

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