Woman claims jogging unclothed in the snow is the secret to looking young

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer
Inna Vladimirskaya believes the key to retaining her youthful looks is a weekend skinny-dip in the snow. (Photo: David Tesinsky/Caters)

According to weather reports, the East Coast is gearing up for yet another big March snowstorm.

But while it’s probable that the majority of us will deem it a great excuse for a Netflix binge, one woman from Ukraine sees freezing temperatures as the opportunity to go for a jog without clothes.

Yes, 32-year-old Inna Vladimirskaya believes that her weekly skinny-dip in the icy waters of Dnieper River in Kiev is helping to preserve her youthful looks.

For the past nine years, any time the weather was right, she disrobed before going for a weekend jog in subzero weather, then going for a brisk swim.

Would you submerge in minus-zero temperatures in the name of beauty? (Photo: David Tesinsky/Caters)

According to Vladimirskaya, the exercise routine helps combat muscle pain while keeping her skin vibrant thanks to the increase in oxygen supply.

She told the Daily Mail: “Immersion in cold water makes the blood rush to the internal organs, activating their circulation, which helps break down fat and improve muscle tone.”

Vladimirskaya believes her unusual exercise routine is keeping her skin vibrant. (Photo: David Tesinsky/Caters)

She continued, “The walrus looks much younger than its actual age, because it spends so much time in cold water. Humans can reap the same benefits if they are prepared to put the hard work in.”

But of course her routine hasn’t gone unnoticed in the local area: Czech photographer David Tensinsky had to capture Vladimirskaya’s unusual weekend ritual after hearing of it from locals.

A daring plan for the weekend, perhaps?

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