Woman claims Delta sent her 13 suitcases after agreeing to replace luggage that was damaged: ‘A win is a win’

Woman claims Delta sent her 13 suitcases after agreeing to replace luggage that was damaged: ‘A win is a win’

A woman has claimed that Delta accidentally sent her 13 suitcases after agreeing to replace her bag that was damaged during a recent flight.

Gisele, who goes by the username @gisele_rochefort on TikTok, recently shared a video about the unexpected delivery on the platform, where she joked that she thinks the airline made a “mistake”.

“Delta destroyed my suitcase. I filed a claim, they agreed to replace it,” Gisele began the video, while showing a photo of the damaged suitcase in question, which could be seen cracked on the side.

According to Gisele, shortly after, she received a “notification that [she] had ‘some packages,’” with the TikToker showing a pile of nine cardboard boxes piled up.

“But wait…” Gisele continued, as she showed a Jeep truck filled with additional cardboard boxes. “There’s more!”

The TikToker’s video then transitioned to a photo of 13 brand new suitcases lined up, with Gisele writing in a text caption on the TikTok: “13 Ricardo Beverly Hills bags later… I think they made a mistake.”

The video also showed Gisele zooming in on the bags, all of which had tags, and which were in varying sizes and colours.

As for where she put all of the suitcases, Gisele showed the bags stacked up against her TV cabinet and beside her couch, with the TikToker joking about her new home decor. “It’s called interior design, sweetie. Look it up,” she wrote.

In the caption of the video, Gisele added a joking: “Thanks Delta!”

The video, which has been viewed more than 996,000 times on TikTok, has been met with amusement from viewers, with many joking that they don’t “see a mistake”.

“A win is a win,” one person claimed, while another person wrote: “I don’t see a mistake…”

“And that’s called good customer service,” someone else joked.

Others speculated about Delta’s thought process, with one viewer suggesting that the airline accidentally sent all replacement suitcases to Gisele, rather than to other customers who’d filed claims.

“Guaranteed there was a computer glitch that showed it didn’t go through so they tried again and again,” another person wrote.

The video also prompted many to discuss what Gisele should do with the spare bags, with one user joking that she should give them away for special occasions. “I think I know what everyone is getting for their birthday or the holidays,” they wrote.

Someone else suggested Gisele should donate the bags to those in need, with the viewer writing: “If you plan to donate some, foster care agencies always need suitcases! Unfortunately, kids are often moved in garbage bags.”

As for Gisele’s reaction to the surplus luggage delivery, she joked in the comments that she’d “accepted” Delta’s “apology” for ruining her original suitcase.

“They’ve got my loyalty,” she added.

The Independent has contacted Gisele and Delta for comment.