Woman calls out restaurant after ‘serious’ issue with food order: ‘I’m absolutely appalled’

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A woman is wondering if her complaint about a restaurant’s customer service is justified.

She posted her story on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. The woman has celiac disease and can’t eat anything with gluten or touched by gluten. So when she ordered breakfast and found toast atop her entire order, she called to complain. 

“Yesterday my husband and I ordered some for pickup,” she wrote. “I got eggs, sausage and hash browns. On the order, I wrote, ‘No toast, severe allergy.’ My husband came home with the food and lo and behold there’s toast sitting on top of all of my food. I can’t eat it now, so I call the restaurant. I tell the person, ‘I ordered breakfast and requested no toast. There’s toast on my food and I can’t eat it, could you please request a new one be made so I can come pick it up?'”

The restaurant worker told her she didn’t write “no toast” on the order. 

“I pulled up the receipt I was emailed and told her. ‘I see on here eggs, sausage, hash browns, no toast. I’m not too sure what you’re looking at.’ Then she said, ‘So you need us to remake the whole thing or just the hash browns?’ I said, ‘Unfortunately I need the whole thing replaced since the toast is all over my food. I’m sorry it’s an allergy.’ She put me on hold and then came back, ‘Well the cook said the sausage was in a separate container so we will replace the eggs and the hash browns but not the sausage.’ I said, ‘Do you need me to take a picture or bring the food in? The sausage isn’t in a separate container, everything is together and I cannot eat this.’ Then she said. ‘I don’t know what to tell you,’” the woman explained

The woman gave up trying to reason with the workers over the phone.

“I ended up calling later to complain about my treatment by this person but the restaurant didn’t really seem to care. Did I take this too seriously?” the user wondered

Reddit users were on the customer’s side. 

“As someone who has worked in food service for a while, I’m absolutely appalled,” one user commented

“You did the right thing and did not act rudely,” another wrote

“You told them you had an allergy and they refused to accommodate what was a very simple request,” someone said

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