Woman asks waiter to be her date to family wedding: ‘Shoot your shot’

A woman has proved that sometimes “shooting your shot” can pay off when it comes to dating.

Carley, who goes by the user @caarrlleeyy on TikTok, recently posted a video of what happened when her sister thought her waiter was cute. But, the TikToker’s sister skipped the typical situation of asking for his phone number or even to go out for drinks. Instead, she invited him to a family wedding.

“Shoot your shot amiright,” Carley captioned the video. It started off with a family breakfast at a diner as text across the screen read: “My sister thought our waiter was cute at breakfast & invited him to our family wedding that night. Here’s how it went…”

The family seemed shocked as the TikTok transitioned to the waiter actually pulling up to the venue and proceeding to meet the entire family. Her father even jokingly checked the waiter’s ID to make sure he was over 18 years old, which he was.

“Nana’s ready to make him a part of the fam,” text across the screen read.

The wedding TikTok then transitioned to the night portion, where everyone was on the dance floor with glow sticks in their hands. The waiter was so well-liked he was seen dancing alongside the bride and groom as well as going on to meet the groom’s parents.

Carley’s TikTok ended as her sister and the waiter were next to each other in a long conga line as text across the screen read: “It was the best night ever!”

Since first being posted on 25 September, the video has received over 27 million views. Many people commented on how well the waiter fit in with the family. “Him hugging everyone ?? He fits right in,” one person commented.

Another person agreed, writing: “Why does he genuinely fit in though?”

“It seems like he’s even more part of the family than you,” a third commenter jokingly pointed out.

Other people in the comments mentioned how the man may be the perfect person to enter in a relationship with because of his willingness to attend the wedding. “The type of guy that’s down for random situations and makes friends easily…green flags abound,” one person wrote.

“Gahhh I love people who are fun and take chances in life,” another person agreed.

On 6 October, Carley posted a follow-up video explaining what happened with her sister and the waiter after the wedding was over. Unfortunately, they live on opposite sides of the country but are still texting and he was invited to the next family wedding that is supposed to happen next summer.

At the time, the waiter’s birthday was approaching and they all loved him so much that they asked for either his phone number or email address to wish him a happy birthday.

According to the TikToker, her Nana was so serious about getting this information that she left a minute-long voicemail making sure she got the waiter’s number, saying that she really wants him in the family.

Carley ended the video saying she hoped the waiter had the best birthday ever and that she would post more updates soon.

Many people left comments hoping that this is the start of Carley’s sister and the waiter’s own love story. “I’ll be back when Nana is right and they get married,” one comment read.

The Independent has contacted Carley for comment.