Woman asks internet to help her find mystery vacation man – only to discover he’s married

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An American woman recently enlisted the internet’s help to track down a man she met on vacation, only to discover that he’s married.

Earlier this week, Mica Renee posted a TikTok video asking users to aid her search for the mystery man who approached her while she was on holiday in Miami.

Her caption read: “TikTok I come to you today cause I heard what you do for others. I think he said he’s from Detroit.

Detailing the conversation they had, Renee said the man “walked right into the ocean to introduce himself”, adding that she didn’t save his number “because I was lit.”

“Hopefully he ain’t married,” she wrote.

However, in a follow-up TikTok video, Renee revealed that social media users searching for the man had located his wife instead.

Explaining the circumstances of her original video, she said: “I was in Miami, looking all good in the ocean, and my friend was taking pics of me. “

“He came up to me and introduced himself. My friend thought he was bold so she kept recording,” Renee continued, reiterating that the man, who goes as “AJ” on TikTok, had given her his number.

She also said AJ’s wife requested that Renee leave her post up, and included apparent screenshots of their chat.


TikTok I come to you today cause I heard what you do for others 😭 I think he said he’s from Detroit 😂 #fyp #helpmefindhim #boostofhope #viral

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On 15 January, AJ denied Renee’s claims about their beach interaction and called her “little miss cheater” in a three-part TikTok rebuttal.

AJ said he spoke to Renee for “seven minutes at the most” when the pair met in Miami “five months ago“.

“I didn’t even know your name until all of this transpired and you sent this crazy video,” he continued, alleging Renee had “edited and sliced” the video to “depict whatever the hell you trying to prove.”

He also said that he was “just having fun”, their conversation was “nothing serious”, and he would have been more “intimate” if he was trying to cheat.

“It’s really weird that you think a five-minute convo gave you everything you need to know, to search a man out that you haven’t even talked to since that moment, five months ago,” he added.

Comments were turned off on all of AJ’s videos.

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