Woman applauded for rescinding offer to host friend’s wedding for free

Woman applauded for rescinding offer to host friend’s wedding for free (Getty Images)
Woman applauded for rescinding offer to host friend’s wedding for free (Getty Images)

A woman has been applauded for rescinding her offer to host a friend’s wedding for free.

In a recent post shared to the popular “Am I The A**hole?” Reddit forum, she explained how her friend Sandra’s wedding ultimately got canceled. According to the woman, who revealed she is married to her husband Ian, Sandra – who she’s known for more than two decades – is getting married to a man named Andres.

The woman gave some context about the situation, explaining that she and Andres “come from the same country and even the same region”. She pointed out that they also “share many characteristics”, like both having “very round faces, deep brown eyes, long straight black hair”.

After noting that Andres proposed to Sandra two years ago, she then detailed how she was going to let the couple use her large property for their wedding for free.

“I own a beautiful property in my home country that I was ready to lend to Sandra and Andres for their wedding,” she wrote. “My property is like a finca and has 10 rooms. Usually, I would rent it out for weddings at a somewhat high price, but I was happy to give it to them at no cost, with the condition that they hire their own catering and have their guests strip their beds when they leave.”

She then revealed how things took a turn when Sandra appeared at her friend’s home with Andres. There, the bride-to-be cited her suspicion that the original poster’s “daughter is actually Andres’ biological daughter”.

During that conversation, Sandra also spoke to Ian and “requested a paternity test for peace of mind,” which surprised him and his wife.

“I was so shocked that I couldn’t say anything. My husband lost his temper and raised his voice, telling Sandra that she was being absolutely stupid,” she wrote. “Sandra pointed out that my daughter looks like Andres. I explained that Andres and I look alike.”

However, the woman expressed that Sandra still disagreed, and claimed that her friend’s daughter should “look more like [Ian]”. The Reddit user noted that after she agreed to the paternity test if Sandra and Andres paid for it, and that the results showed that “Andres was not the father”. She also clarified that a separate paternity test confirmed that her husband was the father of her daughter.

She shared that while Sandra “tried to hug” her once the results came back, she wasn’t interested in being friends with the bride-to-be “for the time being”. The two friends then got into an argument, which was when the woman decided that Sandra couldn’t use the property for the wedding.

“She kept saying her worries were justified and made a comment about ‘women from your country being more likely to do that,’” she wrote. “In that moment, I was filled with anger. I told her she could forget about using the venue and that I didn’t want her in my life anymore. She started crying, but I made her leave. Her mom and she have been texting me, saying they can’t find a new venue. I still said no.”

According to the Reddit post, Sandra later called her “sobbing” and said the “wedding is off because” of her.

In an edit to the post, the woman clarified that Andres wasn’t necessarily on board with having the paternity test done. “He seemed exasperated. He was quite upset and basically just agreed to this, so she would drop it,” she wrote.

She also explained that Sandra and Andres were not only broken up, but her friend also “wrote an email” to the Reddit user to apologize for what happened.

The post has quickly gone viral on Reddit, with more than 36,000 upvotes. In the comments, multiple people came to the woman’s defense, as they criticized Sandra for asking for the paternity test and for how she treated her friend. They also expressed that Sandra’s behavior appears to be the reason why the wedding was called off.

“The wedding is off because she was an insecure jealous friend who accused you of cheating on your husband with her fiancé because she was delusional,” one wrote. “She then had the audacity to try to hug you. She then had the audacity to be racist when you stuck up for yourself. She then had the audacity to try to use YOUR place for her venue.”

“The wedding is off because she accused her fiance of infidelity, and then insulted your AND HER FIANCE’S culture by implying that women from said culture are slutty or have no respect for relationships,” another added.

“Apart from the slurs she flung at you, she demonstrated that she has no trust in her fiancé. I suspect that this is the real reason why the wedding is off. If it was just the venue, they could have found another or postponed,” a third agreed.