Woman says school run mums should make more effort with their appearance, anger ensues

A woman took to social media to say that other mums need to make more effort with their appearance on the school run [Photo: Getty]

As all parents know, the school drop-off is actual horror. Between giving the kids breakfast (likely a soggy piece of toast), getting them dressed and finding lost PE kits, it’s hardly surprising that applying a full face of make up and blow drying your hair often (read always) slips down the to-do list.

But for one woman the level of personal care she witnesses from other mums at the school gate, is just not up to the standard she expects.

Taking to her Facebook to lament the appearance of other parents at drop off, the unnamed parent urged others to “try a little” and “take some pride” in the way they present themselves.

“I know this is stirring up some haters so whatever,” she wrote. “Sorry if this hits close to home. Ladies, even if you aren’t getting out of the car at drop off can you try a little.

“I look around as I’m walking my daughter to the front door and all we see is rat nest hair, no make-up, eye bags out to wherever and I’m not 100 per cent but I think I smell morning breath coming from these cars,” the woman continued her rant.

She went on to claim that her seven-year-old daughter was proud of her for being “so pretty”, unlike other mums who “all look so old”. Harsh!

“On the real, if my seven year old can see you aren’t even trying, what is your husband thinking? Take some pride,” the mum added. 

Unsurprisingly the post, shared on the Facebook page of parenting site Sanctimommy, caused uproar from other parents. 

“I rolled up in my pajamas [sic] and slippers without a coat this morning,” one mum commented. “No way in hell am I getting up earlier to get dressed and put on makeup and getting two kids out of the house in the morning. They’re lucky I brush my teeth and sometimes put in my contacts.”

“My kid asks me why I’m being so fancy when I’ve showered,” another joked. “All you other moms are welcome for the low expectations on you. Doing my duty to society.”

Others were surprised the woman’s daughter had made the comment she had.

“Ahhh mother-daughter bonding over caring what men think of your appearance,” one parent wrote.  “Me? I’ll teach my daughter to love herself. With makeup. Without makeup. Maybe she’ll have a huge hairy mole on her cheek and she’ll be relentlessly bullied and it’ll build character. One can only hope.”

“I’d be so ashamed if my seven year old said something like this. We’d be having a long talk,” another mum commented.

Maybe the mums who are able to apply a coat of mascara to both eyes and blow dry their hair should be applauded for their early morning efforts.

But, on the other hand, and as with most aspects of parenting, mums and dads are all doing the best they can, and if that means rocking up to the school gate in your slippers then perhaps its’ knowing sympathy they need rather than judgy judgy shaming on social media.

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While another mum divided a parenting forum when she asked whether she should leave her baby alone while she showers.

Meanwhile back in October, a mum turned to the Internet for advice after her six-year-old daughter developed a complex about her leg hair and asked her to help her remove it.

The resultant discussion left parents divided about how young is too young to remove your natural body hair?

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