Woman is accused of being ‘heartless’ for evicting sister from inherited property: ‘It’s unfair’

A woman doesn’t want her sibling to live on the property she inherited.

She shared the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. Her older sister fell on hard times four years ago while she was pregnant. Their grandfather let her stay on his property. During that time, she had a second child.

After their grandfather passed, he left the property to the Reddit poster, not her sister. This was partly due to her sister’s personal history, which included stealing, racism and neglecting her relationship with their grandfather.

She wants to Airbnb the inherited property but can’t with her sister living there. So she decided to evict her.

“I have given her three months notice, and she has been blowing up my phone saying she can’t afford to move out, that I’m heartless, it’s unfair she didn’t get anything,” the Reddit poster wrote. “Our parents say I am being unfair and to just start charging her the standard amount of rent instead.”

People had mixed feelings about the situation.

“3 months notice is more than fair, and it would be miles better for you to not have to deal with mixing family and financial matters,” one user wrote.

“She is entitled and giving her notice to quit the property is perfectly valid,” a person wrote.

“N-T-A for evicting your sister necessarily but absolutely YTA for making this home an Airbnb,” one user wrote.

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