PSA: Terry's Chocolate Orange Now Comes In A New Flavour!

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If you like orange flavoured chocolate, then there’s a fairly good chance you’ll say that Terry’s Chocolate Orange is king. It is the original, in fairness.

Now, there's a few versions of the signature chocolate, including Terry’s White Chocolate Orange and Terry's Dark Chocolate Orange. But just last year, we discovered that you could actually get Toffee Terry's Chocolate Orange. The only downside? It was a Canadian import, which meant it cost a little more than your average Terry's Chocolate Orange (as in, you were paying around £5 a pop).

We first came across the new take on the iconic citrus chocolate when @newfoodsuk shared a photo of the dreamy-looking toffee and orange chocolate treat back in 2021. But now, it turns out you can actually get your hands on it from Tesco for just £1.

Named Terry's Chocolate Orange Toffee Crunch, expect Terry’s unmistakeable orange chocolate, but this time, studded with toffee pieces.

If a toffee edition wasn't enough, there's a rumour circling that Terry's is coming out with a Mini Eggs version, too!

Rumoured to be landing for Easter but potentially launching in the coming months, we're expecting the brand's signature orange-flavoured segments, but this time studded with mini egg pieces. Tell me that doesn't sound like a dream?

Now, the idea of this isn't completely unrealistic — earlier this year Terry's actually came out with a Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs Bar.