'Wives of Westminster' website launched by Tory MP's spouse accused of 'sexism'

Ashley Cowburn

Newly-created Wives of Westminster lifestyle website set up the partner of a Conservative MP has been described as "sexist".

Set up by Nevena Bridgen, who married the Tory MP Andrew Bridgen in 2017, the website boasts to be a "digital home to all fashionable, sophisticated women with brains, hearts and style".

"The Wives of Westminster take a kind-spirited, open-minded, feel good, nourishing inside and out, purpose-centric approach to a meaningful life," the newly-launched website states," it claims.

"Our themes revolve around the lifestyle of the Wives of Westminster: women empowerment, modern family, careers, wellness, purpose, kid-friendly lifestyle."

But in response to the website, the Labour MP Rachel Reeves said: "I'm sorry but 100 years since women started to take seats in parliament is this actually for real?

"Women of Westminster are legislators, policy makers and great constituency MPs. Let's celebrate them however wonderful some MPs' wives (or husbands) might be."

Steve Lader - the husband of the Conservative MP Tracey Crouch - added: "What a load of sexist, backward thinking nonsense! You need to have a very long think about what you are all about. You may be shocked to discover there are some women MPs these days."

In response to the criticism, Ms Bridgen said: "It is a sad day for the Labour Party when their MPs criticise women for discussing issues such as gender equality and the provision of baby changing facilities for fathers. Perhaps the socialists think they own these topics, I can assure them that they don’t.

"To quote Madeleine Albright: There is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women. The Labour MP Rachel Reeves along with her colleagues, holders of the political office, is attacking a working woman, a mother, a wife, an opera artist and my freedom of expression. They feel threatened that a Tory political spouse is talking about women empowerment, equal pay and is focusing on female-centric stories.

"I've challenged their stereotype about what according to them, a Tory political spouse is supposed to be. The Wives of Westminster project is reaching out for equality."

Posts shared on the website's affiliated Instagram page include a "shopping column" with an image of a £3,000 blazer, a £525 pair of shoes and a handbag on sale for over £700.

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