Wishbone Kitchen's Meredith Hayden Is 'Stepping Away' from Her Private Chef Work

The creator behind WishBoneKitchen on TikTok will be working on her debut cookbook

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Meredith Hayden/Instagram

Wishbone Kitchen's Meredith Hayden Announces Debut Cookbook

One of TikTok’s most famous private chefs is taking a break from the work that made her a star.

On Friday, Meredith Hayden, the creator behind WishBoneKitchen on TikTok, announced that she is “stepping away” from her job as a private chef.

The 27-year-old chef gained popularity — she has more than 2 million followers on TikTok — after posting videos chronicling her crazy hours and extensive menus as a private chef in the Hamptons (New York's high-end beach towns) for fashion designer Joseph Altuzarra.

Hayden kicked off her video answering why she is cutting her time short in the Hamptons. “It’s some exciting news,” she said with a grin. “I’m officially writing my debut cookbook which is so exciting and also so overwhelming at the same time.”

She added that she has some “pretty intense deadlines” to get the book out by 2025.

“I’m a very hands-on person like I can’t just hand this off to somebody and not be super involved in every single recipe that gets put in the book because you can put a recipe book out and literally not make any of the recipes, did you know that?” she asked. “I did not know that.”

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She continued to explain that she is “very determined” to write and make every recipe in the book. This means she will need to write “over a hundred recipes in the next four months,” she explained with a look of fear on her face and a nervous giggle.

“For context, writing one recipe a week is hard,” she said. “I’m now going to have to write five.”

Hayden said that she doesn’t take “cutting the season short” lightly and that she is sad to leave her job but “life moves on.”

Meredith Hayden Meredith Hayden of Wishbone Kitchen
Meredith Hayden Meredith Hayden of Wishbone Kitchen

Hayden spoke to PEOPLE in 2022 about her culinary journey and quick rise to social media fame. She worked in marketing after graduating college and took culinary school classes in the evenings. In 2020, Hayden landed her first private chef gig — and started posting day-in-the-life videos of all the meals she cooks.

During the summer season, Hayden cooks for her clients’ family at their Hamptons home, commuting from New York City every weekend. But in the off-season (fall, winter and spring) she preps for the Altuzarras once a week, stashing a week's worth of meals in the fridge. No matter the season, loyal TikTok followers watch and try their hands at the recipes Hayden shares online.

She has two self-published cookbooklets, titled Wishbone Volume 1 and Wishbone Volume 2, but her upcoming cookbook will be her first with a publishing company.

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