These 21 Glasses Are So Chic, We Think You'll Agree

Shelcy Joseph

When you're moving or starting to outfit a kitchen, there are a few essentials you can't go without. Sure, gadgets are great, but if you don't have the basics like plates, bowls, and glasses, you will feel the lack whenever people come over or you're itching for a cold beverage. It can feel daunting to find the perfect styles, but don't be intimidated about shopping for glassware because we found some eye-catching picks available on Amazon .

From gorgeous wine glasses to classic water glasses and even mason jars with handles, you'll want at least one, if not all of these options. When your friends come over, if you're having family dinner, or just a quiet night in, you'll be so happy to have these on your shelves. They're essentials, and they just got so much easier to shop.

- Additional reporting by India Yaffe


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