WildEarth brings African nature to Freeview in the UK

Lions as seen in WildEarth credit:Bang Showbiz
Lions as seen in WildEarth credit:Bang Showbiz

'WildEarth' is now on Freeview in the UK.

Viewers who tune into Freeview Channel 91 will be able to watch the wonders of the natural world from the Sabi Sand Game Reserve in South Africa via its daily Sunrise and Sunset Safaris.

Online, the platform attracts seven million global monthly unique viewers and now those daily live broadcasts are available on TV in the UK.

WildEarth's live and interactive shows aim to recreate the thrilling experience of being on a safari vehicle in remote African locations. The focus is on capturing serendipitous moments of unscripted magic, rather than relying on dramatic animal behaviour, to create an emotional connection between viewers and the natural world.

SafariLIVE offers twice-daily live safaris from various African wilderness reserves where you can observe the captivating daily lives, stories, and families of leopards, lions, hyenas, elephants and rhinos.

Viewers can also immerse themselves in the exhilarating world of LIVE at the Waterhole, where animals gather at watering holes across Africa, revealing moments of intense drama and vulnerability as predators stealthily lurk in the bushes, poised to strike unsuspecting prey.

Emily Wallington, Co-Founder of WildEarth, expressed her excitement about the partnership with Freeview, saying: "'WildEarth' is all about connecting people to nature in a real and unscripted way – in effect we are the largest safari vehicle in the word. This helps viewers to understand nature for what it really is and to see why we need to conserve our beautiful habitats. This partnership with Freeview in the UK is a major step in achieving this as we reach British viewers who love nature and care about the planet.”

WildEarth has landed in the United Kingdom through Freeview on the SDN multiplex.

Both SDN and WildEarth are very excited to bring a brand new broadcaster to the UK free-to-air ecosystem. Both companies have worked together to leverage the newest technologies in content gathering in remote locations and bringing them across the world into the UK's Freeview homes, blending IP gathering and DTT delivery seamlessly.

David Coughtrie, Managing Director SDN Director Pay TV Distribution at ITV, says: "The launch of WildEarth on Freeview via SDN brings a whole new kind of broadcasting to viewers at a time when the message of conservation and nature has never been more important. It's a unique way of using the power of live TV to allow viewers to experience the wonder of an African safari with two way interaction and I'm really excited to be bringing it into British homes."