Wild raccoon captured in Reds bullpen at Dodger Stadium

A raccoon isn’t generally an animal pitchers like to hang around the bullpen at a baseball stadium — or anywhere in general, for that matter.

Yet at Dodger Stadium on Sunday afternoon, that’s exactly what the Cincinnati Reds encountered.

A few hours before the Reds’ game against the Dodgers on Sunday in Los Angeles, a member of the stadium cleaning crew spotted a wild raccoon who had wrapped himself around a bar in the Reds’ bullpen, according to the Associated Press. The worker called animal control, who came and removed the raccoon from the stadium before the game started.

Thankfully for the Reds, many of their players hadn’t arrived to the stadium yet. Imagine trying to warm up with a raccoon walking around — it probably wouldn’t go too well.

The raccoon’s presence didn’t shake the Reds, either. They beat the Dodgers 5-3 on Sunday, completing the four-game sweep and grabbing their sixth-straight win.

A wild raccoon was found in the Cincinnati Reds’ bullpen at Dodger Stadium on Sunday afternoon. (Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)

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