Why Virgin River fans are convinced filming on the fourth series has already started

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Fans of Netflix's Virgin River have discovered some pretty compelling evidence that filming has already started on the new season.

Despite not *actually* being confirmed yet, it's looking good for viewers who are desperately seeking answers to *those* cliffhangers at the end of season three.

On Tuesday, fans noticed an Instagram post from The Watershed Grill in North Vancouver, which is the real life version of Virgin River hotspot Jack's Bar, announcing it was closing its doors for filming this week.

The post read, "A Shed Heads up that we will be closed Aug 17th & 18th for filming and we will re-open on Thursday the 19th at 2pm. We thank you in advance."

After fans flooded the comments of the bar, which is owned by lead character Mel's love interest Jack in the show, with speculation about season four, it was deleted.

The bar then replaced the image with one mentioning "maintenance" - which fans quickly took as a not-so-subtle innuendo for Netflix filming. One commented, "Wow - I never realised that 'maintenance' was a synonym for 'filming' 😊👏👏"

Another put, "What kind of 'maintenance' are you doing? I hear there might be a few strong 'handymen' hanging around your way this week who could help out... 😉"

Looks pretty compelling to us. But hey, maybe their toilets are just blocked..?

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