Why Viewers Think These Two Love Islanders Are Secretly Feuding

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Photo credit: Joel Anderson/ITV
Photo credit: Joel Anderson/ITV

Love Island viewers are convinced there’s a secret feud going on between Faye and Chloe, and to be fair, there is definitely some logic to this.

It all started when Brad kissed Chloe after being asked who he fancied the most in the villa. He then kissed Faye, who he was coupled up with, as the person he fancied the least. Yep, awks.

Later, Brad made a few negative comments about Faye to Chloe and viewers weren’t happy with the way she reacted. “Not Chloe laughing whilst Brad was slagging Faye off,” tweeted one viewer. “Chloe laughing away whilst Brad gossips to her about Faye is so so bad vibes, not very girl’s girl of her!!” said another.

A few episodes later, during the Knowing Me Knowing You challenge, all the boys in the villa said they’d couple up with Chloe if they weren’t with their current partner. While none of the girls were particularly chuffed about the outcome, fans noticed that Faye looked a little more annoyed than the rest. “F***ing get her out,” she shouted after the boys gave their answers.

“Can we talk about how jealous Faye looked when all the boys picked Chloe,” tweeted one viewer. “Faye is seething at Chloe lmao she is so mad, said another. “Nahhhh Faye throwing shade to Chloe,” another fan tweeted.

In the Beach Hut after the challenge, Faye told the camera: “Oh cool, whatever. Do what you need to do, why don’t you? Stroke the girl’s ego a bit more. She doesn’t need it, but who am I to judge?”

Meanwhile, Chloe said, “It was a little bit awkward slash very awkward. I didn’t force them. They chose. Haters are going to hate. Don’t be jel, be reem.”

Tweeting about how Chloe reacted to Faye’s comment, one viewer said: “The way Chloe just says, ‘Yeahh yeahh’ while Faye is screaming. Chloe knows she’s peng, every single man in that villa wants her lmao. She’s not worried about anyone at all.”

Faye and Chloe then had their first proper argument onscreen on July 8, when Faye attempted to call out Chloe for making a move on Toby.

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