This is why stately home staff had to watch the Bridgerton sex scenes

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Netflix's Bridgerton is certainly no stranger to a sex scene or two - and we can imagine that, as an actor, filming sex scenes must be pretty awkward on any day, let alone when there's a bunch of people watching.

But that's exactly what happened for the Bridgerton cast, who had to film their most intimate scenes with a group of stately home staff watching, and for a pretty legitimate reason: to make sure none of the historical furniture got damaged when the cast were in action.

Bridgerton was filmed across a number of amazing historical buildings, so it totally makes sense to avoid anything being damaged during filming. And one of the locations which saw most of the show's sex scenes was of course Simon and Daphne's home at the fictional Clyvedon Castle, filmed partly at Castle Howard in Yorkshire.

Speaking to Deadline, Bridgerton director Julie Anne Robinson revealed: "When you go into a country house, there is far less flexibility than you can ever imagine, you can’t move the bed, you can’t move the painting, you can’t move the wardrobe, and you have to be quite delicate with the furniture.

"So in the Duke’s bedroom, which was in Castle Howard, [Simon and Daphne] spent a lot of time in that bed, and there were room monitors in the room when we were doing the sex scenes, and they wouldn’t leave."

Photo credit: LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX - Netflix
Photo credit: LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX - Netflix

With sex scenes in film and TV usually shot on a 'closed set' with only a limited number of crew members, Robinson revealed how that wasn't possible, explaining, "The idea of a closed set is absolutely sacrosanct. But for these room monitors, their jobs were more sacrosanct to them. So they were in the scenes with us."

As to whether the room monitors ever needed to intervene, Robinson said, "We would be shooting a sex scene and they would say, can you go easy on the bed, go easy on the bedpost." Only slightly awkward, then...

Season 2 of Bridgerton is set to start filming in Spring 2021, so we reckon those room monitors will need to be back on duty pretty soon.

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