Why you shouldn't be ignoring your cuticles

·2-min read

When looking after our nails, we tend to overlook the health of cuticles, one of the most important parts of our nail health.

So, what exactly are your cuticles and how do you care for them?

The cuticle is the small layer of skin located along the edge of your nail, helping to protect growing nails from dirt and bacteria. When cuticles are left unmanaged, they can overgrow, causing them to split - creating space for bacteria and dirt. If this happens, nail infections can occur, with nails becoming swollen, discoloured, and sore.

The best way to look after your cuticles is to follow this dos and don’ts guide:


Keep nails dry and clean: This will prevent bacteria from growing under your nails.

Practise good nail hygiene: Trim your cuticles to ensure no splitting occurs.

Use moisturiser: Keep nails moisturised and nourished.


Bite or pick nails: This can cause damage and cuts, making space for bacterial infections.

Use harsh products: This can sometimes cause irritation.

It is worth investing in pair of cuticle scissors or nippers to keep yours neat and tidy. Here’s a round-up of our favourites.

Rubis Cuticle Scissors

This beautifully crafted tool boasts specially hardened blades, which guarantee a sharp and precise cut. The blades are perfectly aligned to trim cuticles without any danger of painfully catching new skin. Designed with the distinctive Rubis Twist, the Swiss craftsmanship is evident when you feel how well the implement balances in your hand.

Tweezerman Rockhard Cuticle Nipper

This stainless-steel cuticle trimmer has sharp, pointed tips that won't tear or snag while cutting cuticles. Designed for both left and right-handed users, the handles feature a double-spring action, needing only the slightest pressure for smooth trimming.

Elegant Touch Professional Cuticle Nipper

Never worry about messy cuticles or hangnails again with this handy tool. Made from premium stainless-steel and with hand-filed precision blades – you get a clean, controlled cut with zero discomfort.