Why searches for facial steamers are up 350%

Ruth Doherty
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Photo credit: fizkes - Getty Images
Photo credit: fizkes - Getty Images

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It's official: facial steamers are the hottest beauty accessory of 2021, with google searches up a whopping 350%.

New research from K Facial revealed the sharp rise in searches for the skincare must-have. But what does a facial steamer do and what are the skin benefits?

The new at-home spa trend for lockdown is the secret anti-ageing weapon you didn't realise you needed.

Facial steaming has been used in professional facials as a way of ridding your skin of the dirt, oil and makeup build-up that can cause breakouts and blackheads. Steaming is a way to unclog your pores and leave your skin feeling immeasurably softer.

Historically, we’ve left steaming to the professionals however, since lockdown, there has been a demand and interest in at-home facials.

Steam will allow your pores to open up, which loosens the build-up of dirt. But, on top of that, hotter skin is more receptive to any skincare products you apply on top. Meaning that your serums, moisturisers, eye creams and masks become more effective.

Photo credit: PeopleImages - Getty Images
Photo credit: PeopleImages - Getty Images

Plus, warm steam helps to dilate blood vessels and increases the circulation and oxygen flow to your face, which helps deliver nutrients and makes skin appear plumper, and more youthful.

Of course, there are some risks: having the steamer too close or too hot can cause capillaries to break, and you don't want to get over-zealous about extractions after steaming, which could cause scarring if not done properly.

Speaking to Elle, celebrity facialist Joanne Evans explains: "If you do have sensitive skin, or are prone to broken capillaries then start slowly (only for a short time) and wear a barrier mask to protect the skin."

Want to get steaming? Here's two top face steamers to try for a clearer, healthier-looking complexion, and a relaxing treat to self.

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