Why you recognise Shawn in Netflix teen drama Trinkets

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Endearing teen drama Trinkets has only just arrived on Netflix, and already fans have fallen for the loveably flawed teenage trio Elodie, Moe and Tabitha.

Elodie, played by Brianna Hildebrand, is the nervous new girl at high school, who has uprooted from Albuquerque to Portland with her dad, his new wife and their 8-year-old son after the death of her mother.

The 16-year-old soon makes friends with the aloof outsider Moe (Kiana Madeira), the popular and seemingly perfect Tabitha (Quintessa Swindell) - who has the best jacket wardrobe we've ever seen in our lives and on TV - after all three bond at a mandated Shoplifter's Anonymous meeting.

All three girls find strength in each other as they negotiate family issues, typical high school drama, and the complicated dilemma of trying to fit in while longing to break out.

Photo credit: Allyson Riggs/Netflix

In episode one's Mirror Faces, the Shoplifter's Anonymous meeting is held by a woman named Shawn, and if you thought, hmmm that face looks familiar, it's because it's none other than Bianca from teen classic 10 Things I Hate About You, aka Alex Mack from The Secret World of, aka 38-year-old actress Larisa Oleynik.

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Larisa's Shawn encourages Elodie to share her story with the group, and recount the first time she stole.

"It was kind of an accident.. I walked out of a hospital cafeteria with a packet of Starbursts I forgot to pay for," she recalls to the group. "I kind of felt like I deserved it, if there are forces that can randomly take people away, there should be forces that randomly give you stuff for free."

"We are incredibly grateful for that share," Shawna tells her.

The series - produced by AwesomenessTV - has been adapted from the novel of the same title by Kirsten "Kiwi" Smith - who, it just so happens, also wrote the screenplay for 10 Things I Hate About You. The iconic teen movie recently celebrated it's 20th anniversary, and we couldn't feel older.

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Kirsten's other credit includes Legally Blonde, and she serves as co-writer and executive producer on Trinkets, along with Amy Andelson and Emily Meyer.

Twitter has been awash with fans sharing their love for the series and the three lead girls, while demanding Netflix commission a second series asap.

We second that.

Trinkets is available to stream on Netflix.

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