Why Prince William kept his COVID diagnosis private

Natalie Cornish
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Photo credit: JACK HILL - Getty Images
Photo credit: JACK HILL - Getty Images

From Red Online

Prince William had COVID-19 around the same time as his father Prince Charles, the palace has confirmed to the BBC.

The Prince of Wales, who is second in line to the throne, contracted the illness back in March. His son, the Duke of Cambridge, then tested positive just a month later but decided to keep his diagnosis secret so as not to alarm the nation.

'There were important things going on and I didn't want to worry anyone,' William reportedly said, according to The Sun.

William was treated by doctors at Anmer Hall and followed the government guidelines, by isolating at home in Norfolk. He reportedly felt breathless but quickly made a full recovery.

In fact, the Duke continued with his royal duties where he could via phone and video link. He appeared with Kate on a video call with a primary school towards the end of April when he was feeling better.

Prince Charles has since spoken about his COVID symptoms, saying he experienced a shortness of breath and lost his sense of smell. Prince William hasn't commented publicly yet.

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