Why Prince Edward's son won't inherit the Duke of Edinburgh title

It's all change over at the Wessex house, with Prince Edward recently being bestowed with the Duke of Edinburgh title. The move meant that both his wife and son had to get to grips with new titles as well, with Sophie Wessex becoming the Duchess of Edinburgh and James inheriting Edward's former title, the Earl of Wessex. Lady Louise Windsor is the only royal to have kept her title the same – although she is entitled to become a Princess, if she so wishes.

Prince Edward was handed the title by his brother, King Charles III, making him the first person to use it since the former Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, passed away in 2021. Philip was given the title by Queen Elizabeth II shortly before their wedding in 1947, and Her Majesty later made him a Prince in 1957.

The passing of the title from Philip to Edward has left many fans wondering whether Edward's son will inherit the title when he dies – although, it seems it isn't that simple. Unlike the Earl of Wessex title, the Duke of Edinburgh title is not hereditary – therefore, in the same way that Edward didn't automatically receive this when his father passed away, neither will James.

why prince edward's son won't inherit the duke of edinburgh title

This means that when Edward dies, his son will not immediately become the Duke of Edinburgh and the title will be handed back to the Crown. At that point, it's likely to be bestowed to one of the more senior royals at the time. This could be, for example, Prince Harry (if his relationship with the Royal Family is repaired), Prince Louis or even the newly-appointed Prince Archie.

Guess we'll have to wait and see...

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