Why Pretzel Buns Are The Optimal Bread For Ham And Cheese Sliders

Pretzel sliders sit on surface
Pretzel sliders sit on surface - Michelle McGlinn/Tasting Table

If you're a fan of sliders, then you need to try Tasting Table's recipe for baked ham and cheese sliders. These aren't just any old sliders — these are particularly memorable because of the pretzel bun.

The pretzel bun is the perfect choice for these sliders because it brings a saltiness that perfectly complements the ham and Swiss cheese — as well as the tangy stone ground mustard. Additionally, the pretzel bun is a bit more dense than a regular bun, making for a heartier meal. If you enjoy pretzel bites stuffed with mini hot dogs or just a salty pretzel dipped in cheese, then you will love these ham and cheese pretzel bun sliders.

These sliders are sure to be a hit at any dinner party. You can serve them as an appetizer — you could even cut them in half to make smaller, less-filling portions -- or as a meal, served with chips or alongside a homemade soup.

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You Can Customize The Pretzel Bun Sliders To Your Liking

Close up of pretzel sliders
Close up of pretzel sliders - Michelle McGlinn/Tasting Table

If you love the idea of using pretzel buns for sliders, but don't love ham or Swiss cheese, you can swap out some of the ingredients to make the pretzel bun sandwich of your dreams. Turkey or roast beef will work just as well as ham. If you are vegetarian, there are plant-based deli meats you can get at most grocery stores. Another vegetarian option is to forgo the meat altogether and choose a second (or, even, third) type of cheese to make a salty grilled cheese that is sure to delight.

Speaking of cheese, if you're not a fan of Swiss, you could opt for any cheese you prefer — perhaps Gruyère or white cheddar. And if you're not a mustard fan, you could swap that out for a tangy aioli, such as a garlic lemon aioli, to achieve a similar effect.

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