Why Have We Not Been Making Homemade Tango Ice Blasts This Whole Time?!

Anna Lewis
·2-min read
Photo credit: @CaughtSnackin
Photo credit: @CaughtSnackin

From Delish

Anyone else seriously missing trips to the cinema? Yeah, us too. Fingers crossed, we'll be heading back to cinemas soon. And as much as we miss watching movies on the big screen, we mostly miss the cinema snacks, tbh.

Yeah, you can technically make popcorn at home, and you can very easily buy share-bags of Maltesers and Revels (that you have no intention of sharing) from supermarkets. Hell, you can even still get hold of pick and mix in most supermarkets. But they just don’t taste the same, do they?

But until trips to the cinema become the norm again, what the heck are we supposed to do if we fancy a Tango Ice Blast at home – make it ourselves?

Well, yes actually (or you can now get them delivered to your home, but making them yourself is so much more fun).

Turns out, you can rather easily make your very own Tango Ice Blasts at home, and you only need a handful of ingredients.

Thanks to TikTok user @CaughtSnackin, we now know exactly what to do if we want homemade Tango Ice Blasts after he shared his recipe during the first UK Lockdown.

Firstly, he chucks a load of ice lollies into a blender with blue food colouring, ice and strawberry and watermelon Tango. Then he gives it a quick blend so it goes all slushy.

Now it’s time to mix things up, so he uses different ice lollies and red food colouring, as well as his trusty ice and Tango.

Then he gives the whole lot a bit of a mix, but not too much as he doesn’t want the blue and red to mix too much.

Et voila! Easy, right? Now all you have to do is decided on a film to watch and get stuck in.

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