Why was there no 'split or steal' in the Love Island final?

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Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

After a rollercoaster of a journey, Love Island 2022 is (very sadly) finally over - with Ekin-Su and Davide officially crowned winners!

The series finale was *just* as intense as expected, with fans all sharing the same reactions to the winners, although they did have a particular complaint over the episode.

Still, there was one huge twist to the final, after Love Island's iconic 'split or steal' element was cut from the 2022 series. 'Split or steal' usually sees winners each presented with an envelope, one being empty and one containing the £50k prize fund; the person who receives the money is then asked whether they want to 'steal' it, or 'split' with their partner.

However, this year, host Laura Whitmore confirmed during the final, "We’re not even asking them to choose between love or money," - with many viewers going on to ask why 'split or steal' was cut.

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

According to an insider, the move to cut 'split or steal' apparently comes down to a string of change-ups this year. The source told The Sun, "The decision to split or keep the money has gone, so when the couple wins they will automatically share the prize money. This has been a series with a number of format changes, including the viewers’ choice in the first recoupling, just to keep the show feeling fresh."

Some Love Island fans weren't happy with the decision to axe the final question, with one tweeting, "Wait they don’t do the 'split or steal' the money anymore??? I waited 8 weeks for nothing."

Meanwhile, others have been busy sharing their theories over why the feature was cut. One speculated, "They scrapped split or steal because the producers can’t predict what Ekin and Davide will do [when] they win."

2022 Islanders Charlie Radnedge and Antigoni Buxton previously told Cosmopolitan UK that they wanted "Davide to win and just keep the money," so, hey, maybe the theories make sense.

There's also the fact that no one has ever stolen the money in Love Island's history - which might explain producers' decision to scrap the feature.

We're excited for next season already.

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