Why Have We Never Thought Of Doing A Fry Up Pancake Before?

Elena Chabo
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From Delish

TV Chef Tom Kerridge delighted (and disgusted some), his Instagram followers on Pancake Day this year when he shared his unique take on toppings.

The chef enjoyed his pancake topped with an English Breakfast including sausage, bacon, beans, an egg and even brown sauce. And to be honest... it looks quite delicious. Like, why haven't we been doing this for years?!

Tom captioned the post: "Haters gonna hate..... pancake fry up!"

And comments were quick to fill up with fans and followers verdicts.

Bake Off's Laura Addlington doesn't seem to impressed as she wrote: "Nooooooo 🙀 " under the snap. But that could be good shocked?

While world snooker champion Stephen Hendry gave a clearer verdict on the dish saying: "Well played sir 👏👏".

The opinions were quite divided but the positives seemed to outweigh the negatives. Though not for one unimpressed follower who told Tom: "Yeah, you can keep that one 😂."

One follower had our sentiment exactly: "Now this is my kinda pancake."

If you're planning on making a breakfast pancake this weekend like Tom's, this tip for making perfect crepes ought to help.

Duff Goldman, owner of Charm City Cakes, star of Ace Of Cakes, and judge for shows such as Kids Baking Championship and Holiday Baking Championship, said a kid on one of the shows he works on taught him an invaluable crepe hack back in the day.

Duff told Insider, “A kid dipped the underside of a sauté pan into crepe batter and then placed the pan upside down onto the burner. Made perfect crepes. It was genius!”

Radical, right?

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