This is why you should never store milk in your fridge door

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Photo credit: JazzIRT - Getty Images
Photo credit: JazzIRT - Getty Images

Where do you store milk in your fridge? While the fridge door is a popular choice for many, experts say you should always store your milk on the internal shelves instead as it is much cooler.

According to Theresa Keane, a food safety worker, the shelves are colder and will ensure your milk keeps fresher for longer. "This is especially true if your fridge isn't cool enough," Theresa tells The Metro.

"Storing milk in the allocated area in the fridge door is fine so long as the fridge is holding the correct temperature that is between 0 and 5c." But this is not always the case for most fridges.

A good way to check that your milk is stored correctly is by doing the following: "Always keep a check on how cold your milk is to drink or touch. The milk container should be too cold to hold. Then only buy the amount of milk you know you will use up relatively quickly. Buy small and often," Theresa says.

Photo credit: FabrikaCr / Getty Images
Photo credit: FabrikaCr / Getty Images

When it comes to storing away your refrigerated items, Theresa says that the main aim of this is to avoid any cross contamination.

"Raw foods like raw meat and fish should be stored on the bottom of the fridge in covered containers to avoid biological cross contamination and the dripping of blood. Raw vegetables that may have soil still attached should be washed, dried and also kept in a covered container and always above raw meat and fish. In general having loose foods placed in lidded containers is a good idea and prolongs shelf life," Theresa explains.

Finally, you also don't want to be overfilling your fridge. Having a fridge that is too or completely full means that cold air may not circulate properly. Certain products simply won't get the cold air that they need to keep them fresh.

"Overloading is very risky as cross contamination of hazards like allergens and biological elements can happen. Even physical hazards like pieces of plastic can get into other foods if your fridge is bulging."

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