Why Nadiya Hussain Prefers Carrots Over Canned Pumpkin For Pies

Nadiya Hussain smiles
Nadiya Hussain smiles - Mike Marsland/Getty Images

Pumpkin pie is easily one of the best seasonal desserts out there -- after all, many would agree that Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without one. The popularity of the dish certainly makes sense seeing as pumpkin-flavored things are everywhere come fall time. But, what if we told you that you could actually substitute pumpkin with carrot to make a just-as-delicious autumnal pie? We know it sounds odd -- and so does television chef and author Nadiya Hussain. That said, she does advocate for the swap.

During an interview with Tasting Table, Hussain revealed her unconventional recipe for pumpkin pie. Hussain explained that canned pumpkin isn't typically sold in the UK, so she has to find other ways to satisfy the autumnal pie craving. She continued, "If we do find it in the UK, it's very expensive ... I usually use stewed carrots, which sounds unusual."

Hussain then noted that, in the UK, you will find pumpkins out when Halloween rolls around, but that she doesn't think those pumpkins are sweet enough for a pie. She will buy pie canned pumpkin if she happens to be in the U.S., but that doesn't guarantee that she'll have some on hand when it comes time to bake a pie during the fall season.

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Hussain's Carrot Pie Recipe Has Similar Flavors To A Pumpkin Pie

pumpkin pie with carrots and pumpkins
pumpkin pie with carrots and pumpkins - LightField Studios/Shutterstock

While talking to Tasting Table, Nadiya Hussain explained how she turns carrots into a delicious pie filling. She explained, "I always cook down carrots, and then puree them, and then use them in my pumpkin pie. They're delicious." The cooking process of the carrots involves stewing them in water and vanilla. She continued, "I scrape out the seeds of the pod, and put that in there, and let that cook down. That's it."

It sounds simple enough, but what about the spices and flavoring of the carrot filling? Does it taste similar to a pumpkin pie filling? Hussain confirmed that she uses similar spices to what you would find in a pumpkin pie: cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. Hussain added, "I make a pumpkin pie using carrots and they're none the wiser." Despite most people not being able to tell the difference, Hussain definitely can. She explained that the carrot pie is much sweeter and has a different fragrance.

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