Why we love the London vs Manchester Marathon Twitter spat

Jane McGuire
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Photo credit: Pool
Photo credit: Pool

From Runner's World

  • On the day the Virgin Money London Marathon announced its ballot results, the race website went down. What ensued next was brilliant. And fun.

Firstly, London Marathon tweeted that its website had crashed:

To which Manchester Marathon replied, ‘Just to confirm everyone, our website is working if you want a guaranteed place in one of Europe’s most popular marathons...’

London Marathon then came back with a savage blow, tweeting, ‘Website down but our course is the right size...’ referring to the fact that the Manchester Marathon course was found to be too short in the 2013, 2014 and 2015 races, with times being declared invalid by UK Athletics.

Manchester Marathon came back hard, saying, ‘Lol. Not for everyone. Just need a bigger gantry...’ and shared a photo of a runner dressed as Big Ben, who got stuck crossing the finish line in the 2019 London race.

Just when we thought the drama was over, the Newport Wales Marathon got involved, tweeting, ‘Our website works AND our course is the right size.’

And Abbott WMMajors came up with the perfect GIF:

We’re not the only ones enjoying the cut and thrust of this social media banter, with one runner tweeting, ‘This is def more entertaining than trying to get in the website.’ Another added, ‘The beef I didn’t know I wanted to see until now.’

A round of applause for the social media managers behind these tweets.

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