Why is Love Island's Olivia calling Ron fake when she was talking about the girls behind their back?

Love Island fans are confused over the Movie Night Challenge, which saw Olivia calling Ron a fake friend, despite a clip also showing her talking about her friends' relationships behind their backs.

Well, the Movie Night always delivers the goods, doesn't it? As well as Shaq questioning his relationship with Tanya over scenes of her with Martin, the challenge also threw a spanner in the works for Olivia and Ron.

In 'Ronnie Darko', Ron can be seen telling Kai during Casa Amor, "Tonight in bed, how are you gonna be? I know you do [really like Liv]. I'll be honest. Liv will recouple. She was obsessed with Tom, then she couldn't get Tom. Then she went back to Tom because Tom showed interest again. And I feel like for her, that was for her, her way of staying here."

love island why is olivia calling ron fake when she was talking about the girls behind their back

A later clip, 'Liv Actually', showed Liv talking to partner Maxwell about the other couples in the villa. "What do you think about all the other couples? I think Claudia forgave Casey way too quickly. She was close to kissing Bailey. She was thinking about it. Even today, Sami will probably sweep things under [the carpet] with Tom. It shouldn't be that easy. I don't know if they work you know. That's just me looking in.

"What do you think about Kai and Sanam? I think he only recoupled because he wanted to stay safe, and he thought he would be in a vulnerable position if I came back with someone. His head's turned like four times, and he's been in the bottom three three times already."

love island why is olivia calling ron fake when she was talking about the girls behind their back

Later, Liv told the girls she was livid with Ron. "Anyway, let's address the elephant in the room, which is Ronald. I called him a fake friend because I feel like he was encouraging Kai. and the first thing he said to him was 'Liv will definitely turn her head. She's almost bitter because she knows she'll never get Tom.' I'm sorry, but if that's not fake friend, then I don't know what is."

SORRY, but are we missing something? While Liv may indeed feel Ron is being fake, isn't questioning all of your girls' relationships behind their backs also a bit suspect? How are they not all calling Liv up on this?!

People on social media shared similar sentiments. "Why are the girls just moving past everything Liv said behind their backs?! #loveisland" one person wrote, while another put, "I WOULD NEVER SPEAK ABOUT ANY OF MY FRIENDS LIKE THAT BEHIND THEIR BACK???? LIV???? We saw you in 4K!!!!"

Someone else added, "Catching up with #loveisland and how is Liv getting mad at Ron calling HIM a fake friend after watching herself slag all the girls off in her own vid?"

We have so many thoughts.

Love Island continues on ITV2 at 9pm.

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