Why Kylie Jenner fans are calling out Kourtney Kardashian on IG

why kylie jenner fans are all calling out kourtney kardashian new york, new york   september 13 kourtney kardashian attends the boohoo x kourtney kardashian fashion show during new york fashion week the shows on the high line on september 13, 2022 in new york city photo by gothamwireimage
Why Kylie Jenner fans are calling out Kourt on IGGotham - Getty Images

ICYMI, we've seen a slew of *iconic* celebrity looks this Halloween. From Kendall Jenner trolling herself as a cucumber to Heidi Klum's internet-breaking worm outfit, it's safe to say, it's going to be hard to top next year. And of course, we can't forget all the other next-level Kardashian efforts, specifically Kylie Jenner's Bride of Frankenstein costume.

However, fans of the Kylie Cosmetics founder have been calling out her eldest sister, Kourtney Kardashian, after she too posted the same look with Travis Barker. The 43-year-old reality star took to Instagram to share two separate posts of her and her new husband dressed up as Frankenstein and Frankenstein's Bride: A video of them dancing in a car, and another carousel of them sitting in and posing in front of "the ‘72 Chevy … we call Sherbet."

Of course, Kylie fans took to the comment section to address this costume drama, with some questioning whether the makeup mogul would be annoyed at her sister for copying her look, or whether it was all planned. One user typed: "But Kylie did this already lol," as another said: "Borrowed Kylie’s wig? Lol."

Others took to the social media platform to share their thoughts, too, with someone else writing: "Was Kylie mad or was this planned?" as someone else joked: "Personally if I were Kylie I wouldn't let this slide."

But whether the Kardashian-Jenner sisters were in cahoots all along and were planning on doing a "who wore it best?" poll, or it was just a genuine mistake, we can't deny that the new Mr and Mrs Barker look as extra as always.

Halloween inspo for next year, we reckon.

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