Why Kim Kardashian fans are coming for Scott Disick

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Photo credit: Alessio Botticelli - Getty Images
Photo credit: Alessio Botticelli - Getty Images

Kim Kardashian fans are desperate to get their hands on a piece of clothing from her Skims line, and now it looks like they are jumping to defend her business as well.

Some have been coming for fellow family member Scott Disick on Instagram after they think he's copied her brand.

Scott posted a sneak peek of his new collection with his clothing brand Talentless where fans of the Kardashians noticed they looked similar to Kim's Skims clothing because of the colour palette he's gone for.

Along with the photos Scott said: "My Talentless Nudes Collection is now available. Universally flattering rich shades custom-dyed on our buttery fabrics for a minimalistic yet luxurious look.

"Now available to shop in Cumin, Nutmeg & Cinnamon."

The post, which has already amassed thousands of likes features photos of the collection that includes an array of tops, shorts and sweatpants all come in different shades of nude which followers think are similar to the colours of Kim's Skims underwear.

Fans of Kim jumped to her defense saying that Scott was trying to 'copy' her.

One person rushed to comments to say: "Not u trying to copy Kim."

As another jokingly asked: "Is Kimmie making your stuff?"

"Does Kim know about this?" someone asked.

While one person directly compared Scott's line to Kim's saying: "I thought it was Skims."

But not all of the comments were about Skims, with other fans commenting how much they love the new collection.

One simply wrote: "Yas scott," while another said: "Love me some Lord clothing line."

As far as fans know, Kim and Scott haven’t discussed their brands looking similar, but one thing’s for sure, the family bond between them is unbreakable.

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