This is why Karen is British in Daisy Jones and The Six

It's safe to say we spent a good chunk of our weekend obsessing over the first three episodes of Prime Video's latest series Daisy Jones and The Six. The series is an adaption of Taylor Jenkins Reid's novel of the same name, and whilst we've been loving the closeness of the series to the book, there is one big change that has caught our attention - Karen is British in the TV show.

In Reid's novel about a fictional band called Daisy Jones and The Six in the 1970s, there is no mention of the keyboardist Karen being from the UK. However, in the series Karen, played by British actor Suki Waterhouse, has a British accent.

Many fans have picked up on Karen's accent, with some loving the addition of Karen being British, saying it makes total sense for her character, whereas others have been very surprised with the change.

One person tweeted: "Karen being British is sooo cool."

Another said: "We didn’t know we needed British Karen until we got her!"

And another joked: "Also I'm obsessed with British Karen, I owe my life to whoever made that choice."

So why was the character of Karen made British? Well in the book her nationality is never explicitly mentioned but many fans presumed she was American.

The series show-runner Scott Neustadter explained they often compared Karen to Christine McVie, the British keyboardist and vocalist in Fleetwood Mac, the band which served as inpsiration for Reid's novel.

Neustadter explained to Entertainment Weekly: "The Karen character in my head was somebody who had been in a band since she was like 13 and was so good at what she did.

"She was very Christine McVie. She would bounce around and everybody was like, 'We've got to have her in the band. She makes the band so much better.'"

why is karen british in daisy jones and the six
Lacey Terrell/Prime Video

He also added Karen being British would show her commitment to the music as she would be living away from home in order to pursue her passion.

"She would've been so far from home if she was British, but living in L.A. It shows the commitment. It shows her commitment to loneliness, to focus, and to the music. It's a harbinger of, 'You're not going to change this person.'" he explained.

why is karen british in daisy jones and the six
Lacey Terrell/Prime Video

Suki, who plays Karen in the series, said Karen being British also held a special meaning to her.

Before Daisy Jones and The Sixwas available on Prime Video, Suki told EW: "People are just starting to find out that Karen is British in the show.

"There's an upheaval. There's a shock. I'm slightly nervous about it. But, of course, for me, being British as well, there is so much cultural significance. Some of the greatest bands in the world are from are from England."

Suki added she had a number of English rock stars she looked up to for inspiration for the role.

Well they've certainly served as great inspo, as we're loving Karen right now.

Daisy Jones and The Six episodes one to three are available on Prime Video now.

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